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The Busine$$ of the womb.

Posted by humphreysworld on February 2, 2012

I’m not sure if the Susan G Komen Foundation expected the shit storm that came their way after it was announced that they were going to pull funding from Planned Parenthood. Unfortunately for them putting women’s lives at risk for a political agenda is not something many people would take lightly. The minute the story broke, Twitter was abuzz with the story and many people- men and women- were posting their outrage to their Twitter feed. It was everywhere…. only Komen was not.

I guess they were asking themselves the same question we are were all asking- is there a defense to jeopardizing women’s lives?

The answer is of course no. But when it comes to women, women’s health, women’s wombs, the debate never seems to end. My hoo ha and millions of hoo has all over the country have been a pawn in the game of politics for decades. And what makes this latest move even more troubling is that the money that Komen pulled from Planned Parenthood was used for breast cancer screenings.

That’s right, no abortions, no birth control, no condoms. Just good old life saving cancer screening.

Thanks to the religious right who has held a candle for my womb for the past three decades, most people hear the word Planned Parenthood and they think abortion. But I’ve got news for you- 97% of what Planned Parenthood provides is healthcare services. Pap smears, birth control, flu shots, education and yes, cancer screening. You know how I know? Because I used to work for Planned Parenthood. I worked in an area that was mostly lower and middle class, where syphilus, clamydia, and teen pregnancy went head to head as the highest in the state. I saw men and women come through our doors looking for services, looking for information, looking for help. There is no doubt in my mind that were it not for Planned Parenthood many of these people would simply not be able to seek services. Sound like a game to you?

I didn’t think so. But let’s be honest with each other; this isn’t the first game that Komen has played.

It all comes down to money doesn’t it? Komen has sold its soul in exchange for cash many times in the past, including slapping their co-opted pink ribbon onto buckets of disgusting, greasy, artery clogging KFC chicken. And appease the right and ensure their budget line stays in the millions they have said to all the women who seek breast cancer screenings at Planned Parenthood sorry, but the mighty dollar is more important than the women we claim we’re in the business to save.

In the 24 hours since the story broke, Planned Parenthood raised $400k in response to the decision, at least 5 groups have been involved in getting in hundreds of thousands of petition signatures into Komen expressing their outrage over their political gamble, and most importantly, it brought back to the forefront the debate of our wombs.

Politics is personal, and if this isn’t proof enough for you, just take a look at the food you eat, the toys your children play with, the amount you pay for your health insurance and medication- the list goes on.

Whether or not Komen will decide to reverse the decision they have made or move forward in a show of blatant disregard for public opinion is unclear. What is clear however is the power of the people to drive this debate. It’s time to hold any member of Congress on a womb hunt accountable, donate to organizations who really are doing their part for breast cancer– just start a conversation with a friend- whatever it takes to keep the issue alive. Because the war on women’s lives is happening, and the gamble is going cost women dearly.


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