The World According to Humphrey

It's my party, and I'll laugh if I want to.

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The story of Me

From the time I learned to talk, I’ve always had something to say. And in a world full of nuts, weirdos and insanity, I will never run out of material. This is my virtual soap box, pull up a crate and stay a while!

Since this is supposed to be ‘about’ me, I will tell you. I’m a daughter, a liberal, an animal lover, an activist, a writer, a smart ass and an occasional hopeless romantic. I make a mean pound cake too.

There is no topic off limits here; pop culture, cats in outfits, politics, racism, idiocy, fashion. This is the world according to me, and if you don’t like,  well, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.


2 Responses to “The story of Me”

  1. Roschelle said

    love your blog, your thoughts, your spirit! found you through a post over at “It’s Just Hair”!!

    Happy New Year!!

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