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What’s next for Occupy

Posted by humphreysworld on January 17, 2012

this is what democracy looks like.I spent most of the day Occupying Congress. People from all over the country came to D.C. with a message for Congress: we’re tired of the bullshit. It was a great showing from all walks of life, cats (no joke), dogs, young and old, black and white. All standing for a mostly common purpose- to end the corruption within the halls of Congress, put an end to corporate greed and get America back on track.

There’s no question the Occupy movement has helped shine a light on an epidemic of corruption that’s been going on for far too long- and it’s about fuckin time if you ask me. And yet there’s a piece of the puzzle that the movement hasn’t been– and must– talk about.

The 2012 election.

Don’t choke on your water just yet, hear me out. It would be a ridiculous fantasy to assume that the halls of Congress and government as we know it will collapse any time soon. There is no country in the world without a governing body, and as powerful as this movement is, we aren’t going to be able to dismantle a government. At least not over night.

What we can do however, is clean it up and clean it out.

How? That answer is going to be different for everybody, but it starts by removing our Members of Congress from office and electing people who are capable of actually performing the duties of public service. Democrat and Republican alike, they need to go. I know you may be thinking I’m full of shit or supporting a body that is about as functional as a car with square wheels. But don’t misread my intentions. Congress is supposed to represent the people- you and I. Right now they aren’t doing that. So it’s time to elect someone who will. Because the fact is that, until those people are out of office, they will continue to push bullshit bills like SOPA, fight cleaning up dirty coal plants, threaten women’s reproductive health choices and so much more.

They HAVE to go.

President Obama is by no means perfect. He’s made some decisions I cannot support. But if we supported the man blindly without question he could get away with anything- that’s how Congress has been able to do it haven’t they? It’s our duty as citizens of this earth to question elected officials. It’s also our duty to get them the fuck out if they step out of line. And if the 535 members of Congress were actually interested in doing the public’s bidding rather than the corporations of this country, President Obama wouldn’t have had to make the choices he’s been forced to do.

Is voting the solution? Maybe, maybe not. But removing them from power is one step towards ending corruption in Congress. If we want to occupy everything we need to look at the halls of Congress as well. Power corrupts, but only if you are for sale.

Take to the streets, take to city hall to file your candidacy papers and yes, take to the ballot box. It’s our time to take back our country, it needs us now more than ever.

Join me, won’t you?


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