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The tide.

Posted by humphreysworld on November 11, 2011

There’s a new energy in the air. It’ hasn’t quite amassed its true power, but there is a change in the air. And it’s about fuckin’ time. I’ve known for some time now that this country is way off course. For too long, we have stood by while Congress, banks and corporations rob us of our wealth and attempt to extinguish our rights. This is a system that was orchestrated back in the 70s, but in the last 10 years it has really pushed America, its resources and it’s people to the limit. With dire consequences, and consequences that are being felt all over the world.

Ask me three months ago what I thought, and I would’ve said I thought we were up shit creek without a made in China paddle. But now I have a renewed faith. That faith is because of the Occupy movement. What started out as a protest in Kuala Lumpur has turned into a movement that has spread to more than 82 countries and 600 communities. The media didn’t not take it seriously; in fact, I’m not sure if anyone did. But then the message began to resonate. People began to ask themselves: why their dollar wasn’t worth a dime anymore? Why are people continuing to be kicked out of their homes while the banks keep raising fees and getting richer off our coins? Why is the 1% of this country the only ones who seem to be living the American dream?

The answer to that can be found in the halls of Congress. 535 members and most of them have sold their soul to the Koch Brothers, Chase, Bank of America & the rest of corporate America. It is those public servants who are supposed to serve the PEOPLE, elected to represent the PEOPLE, who have sold our future down the shitter. And the sad truth is that these days you can hardly tell the difference between one party and the other when it comes to the damage they’ve done to this country. Don’t get me wrong, there is no question that in theory, Democrats are the party that supports a woman’s right to choose, clean energy, education, etc. etc. But in practice it’s a lot different. If you need evidence of that all you have to do is look back between 2009-2011 when they controlled the House, Senate and White House and yet there was no movement to address climate change, one of the biggest threats to our future and one of the biggest sources of corporate corruption. In addition to that, the deregulation of banks, the food industry, telecom, etc. was not orchestrated without both parties turning a blind eye.

During the 8 years (half of which were not legal) of the Bush administration, they did everything in their power to further bolster a system that favored corporations and throw America’s future under the bus by causing one of the biggest collapses of the American economy which began with the housing market bust* and continued with banks (including retirement money) and the auto industry. People lost their jobs and when they went to seek another they found that, if the jobs hadn’t been shipped off to other countries (yup, under both parties watch), that companies who also had investments in the market and business owners who lost everything couldn’t hire.

And the economy has been chugging along on 1/4 tank of gas ever since.

But then, something happened and America woke up and took to the streets. It has continued to grow and the message is sinking in. The media has attempted to classify this as a movement of violent, jobless hippies with nothing else to do who are clueless about how the economy works. But I’ve got news for you, nothing could be further from the truth. There are working people out there doing their best to fight for their country. To fight for what’s right, to fight for what belongs to them: the American dream.

Better late than never.

The occupy movement will continue to grow. Because at some point when you have pushed people to their limit you can’t expect them not to fight back. They have pulled their money out of the banks who have been robbing them blind, they have continued to make their presence known on wall street, main street and everywhere in between. The next step is the voting booth. I know it sounds like bullshit when you think of the dysfunction of the political system but it’s true. Every time someone says to me that voting doesn’t matter I want you to ask yourself where your money went, why you are buying tainted vegetables, why the garbage is piling up in your local park, why your credit card companies keep raising your interest rate and lowering your limit– and then ask yourself that question again. Power has corrupted the majority of Congress and if we want our leaders to act on behalf of the PEOPLE as opposed to corporations, they need to know that their actions have consequences. And perhaps a bout of unemployment would let them get a real sense of what damn near each and every one of us has felt or is feeling.

The tide is changing my friends, jump on in and take a swim.

*If you still don’t get what this movement is about, watch this video about a real American, one of millions in the same boat, feeling the squeeze of the failing economy at the hands of banks like the one she’s dealing with. Perhaps you’ll think differently.


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