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Liberty & Injustice for all.

Posted by humphreysworld on September 20, 2011

Troy Davis has refused a last meal before his execution, convinced that in the 9th hour his life will be spared. Because that’s the way the justice system is supposed to work right? Innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately if you are African American the system has a different set of rules.

Which is why Troy Davis will be executed tomorrow.

There is something inherently wrong in our country. Our priorities are all backwards. Just a few weeks ago, more than 1000 people, some of who I know, were arrested for protesting against the tar sands pipeline. They were willing to be handcuffed and processed in protest of the destruction of the environment and yet there is not that same outrage for a man who is about to be put to death. Well, not from everyone. Where is the outrage among the masses? A man is going to be put to death for a crime he may not have committed. But our thirst for blood, for revenge; an eye for an eye as they old saying goes-, is that supposed to bring Mark MacPhail back?

It doesn’t. And as much as his wife wants to see ‘justice done’ (her words, NOT mine), putting a man to death for something he may not have done is heinous and appalling. And quite one-sided. As the social media universe was blowing up with outrage urging followers and friends to write letters, sign petitions, and flood the state of Georgia with calls to voice opposition, news broke that a man named Cleve Foster, a white man accused of rape and murder was saved at the last minute from execution. Rape and murder. Troy was accused of murdering a white man and his clemency was denied, and yet Cleve, who raped and murdered a Sudanese (translation- black) woman is spared his life? Does anyone see anything wrong with this scenario?

This is not a black thing. EVERYONE should be enraged. How have we come to take so numb when it comes to violence & death? Janet Jackson’s titty pops out on t.v. and the country shits itself, but violence perpetrated on television- including what our kids are watching- is socially accepted. I can’t understand how our thirst for blood can be at such a fevered pitch that more people aren’t taking to the streets, the halls of Congress and the polls to put a stop to it. This case, and many others that will follow (Troy is NOT the first black man wrongly accused and put behind bars or death and he will NOT be the last) is about more than crime and the criminal justice system. It is about systematic/systemic oppression of the other. And while those scales are tipped disproportionately out of our favor, it affects all who fall under the category of other. ¬†Society as a whole needs to be outraged when the justice system fails. Because some day it could fail anyone of you.

Troy Davis has done some shit in his lifetime. Including the night Mark MacPhail was killed. Was murder one of those things? Who knows, although it doesn’t appear that way. And if we don’t know, how can we plow ahead with his execution?

With liberty and justice for all, isn’t that how it goes? It’s time we start living up to that oath America.


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