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Part one: The three-ring circus.

Posted by humphreysworld on July 5, 2011

people lined up outside of Casey Anthony trial.

I don’t even know where to begin this. I am disgusted on so many levels, but maybe not for the same reasons everyone else is. Don’t get me wrong, I am revolted by our justice system. I didn’t pay attention to this bullshit other than reading the headlines on CNN or MSNBC, but even those snippets indicated she was guilty. I’m with you America, I am outraged. But I have other reasons for my dismay.

Did you ever see the musical/movie Chicago? If so then you will see where I’m going with this.  But if not, let me give you a brief description of the plot: Sex/death/murder/corruption sells. It’s all but glamorized. We don’t just buy it, we devour it. If that wasn’t evident in this trial let me remind you of an unsettling event that resulted from this: Just two weeks ago people came to blows- BLOWS- over tickets to get in line to see the trial. A child has been murdered and she will likely never see justice, and these morons who have ZERO stake in the case other than to give first-hand account to friends and family are beating each other up because someone tried to cut in line. Did I mention that these people stood 14 hours in line for a chance to get in? Too bad the same can’t likely be said when it comes to exercising the right to vote.

People all smiles with blankets, picnic baskets and lawn chairs- as if they are tailgating the big game.  And I guess in essence, they were.

Humanity isn’t the only one to blame. How does the saying go, ‘if it bleeds it leads’? So sad, but it’s true. The media holds a tremendous amount of responsibility for the circus this poor girls’ life (not Casey’s) turned out to be. The media is the vehicle for this sickness. Unfortunately the Casey Anthony trial is not the first sensationalized drama to unfold in the news and it will not be the last. The public feeds off of death and destruction and the media spoons it to us bite by bloody bite. The trial garnered more media attention than some of the toughest issues plaguing our country today. Real issues that affect real lives; our economy, the trillion dollar war tab on our hands, the war on the working class here at home- I could go on. Hell, if the media wanted to earn their journalistic kudos on this fucking trial, why not expose the issues behind the child’s death? Young women becoming parents before their time, child abuse, child rearing- anything that could potentially have given us a teaching moment.

And yet in spite all of this, soon enough she will fade into obscurity until someone grants her a book or lifetime movie- and the media will be on to the next body.

I didn’t read or watch much about this trial. In fact, the only headline I clicked on and read beyond the first sentence was about the people fighting in line. It made me click because I honestly couldn’t believe what I was reading. How, how could it come to this? A girl was murdered. A child. A human life. And she was dealt an injustice today by a system that is beyond flawed (more on that in part 2, stay tuned). Meanwhile people are lining up and tuning in for a chance to be a part of it.

By feeding into this frenzy and treating this girls’ life like a spectator sport we ought to be ashamed of ourselves. If we put as much energy into the direction our country was headed that we put into the unfortunate lives of others we would be a more just society.

Part 2 coming shortly…


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