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Posted by humphreysworld on June 27, 2011

Have you ever known love? It’s a beautiful thing. It comes in many forms; love of parent and child, love of friends, love of beauty and the ultimate love of the heart. And in a world that sometimes seems so dark, it can brighten everything. Which is why I had to give a shout out to NY for passing gay marriage for New Yorkers.

It’s always baffled me why people are so opposed to gay marriage. No one has ever gotten a divorce because of same sex marriage (unless of course, one party to the marriage happens to be homosexual. But that doesn’t really count). No one has ever cheated on their spouse because their gay neighbors hold hands while walking down the street or they had two groomsmen on their cake. Love is love, no matter what you look like, who you sleep with or what your sexual orientation is. And yet gays and lesbians have to fight state by state to get the same rights as anyone else to make it official with their friends and family before God. The idea is simply ridiculous.

My uncle Bobby and uncle Bruce loved each other. No one ever pulled me aside when I was a kid and said, ‘you know they’re gay’. They just were my uncle Bobby and my uncle Bruce. Had my uncle Bruce not died from AIDS and my uncle Bobby follow shortly thereafter, they would till be together to this day. They laughed together, they argued, they kissed, they lived. Just like I have and will again, just like you have at some point in your life. No one can tell me that what they had wasn’t love, and no one can tell me they didn’t deserve the same rights as I have.

So New York, my birth state, here’s to you. It shouldn’t be considered an act of courage to do the right thing when you are serving the public, but that’s the world we live in. While I don’t think every state will immediately follow suit I think that every small victory helps keep the candle going for people who hope that one day, they will be able to walk down the isle with their partners in their state and celebrate the love they worked so hard to maintain.


2 Responses to “Love.”

  1. Rose said

    WOOHOO! Go New York! I’m so happy it passed – and you’re exactly right that it shouldn’t be seen as an act of courage if you’re doing the right thing and serve the public, but at this point, I’ll take it any which way. I’m so used to living in NYC and living in a cocoon of progressiveness that I was SHOCKED to see some of the posts on facebook after this law passed (of friends, no less). Sometimes you just live so oblivious to everyone else and so busy day-to-day that it slips your mind that such hate still exists, even in NY. It’s sad, and pathetic. Even sadder and MORE pathetic, that they thought only gay people stood up for gay people and were surprised that I’d say something. love is love, baby! rights are rights! You don’t have to be a woman to support women’s rights and you don’t have to be gay to support gay marriage. roll eyes.

    Hey, I didn’t know you were born here!

  2. yup, money earnin’ Mount Vernon:-D

    And you’re right, you don’t have to be gay to support gay rights. To me its a moral obligation to support human rights. It’s not about being gay. And when it comes to matters of sexual orientation, race, sex, etc people are so disgusting. I just don’t understand that level of hate. You wanna hate something? Hate the corporations that are poisoning kids with sugar and GMO’s. Hate the political system that is robbing you blind while you starve. Hate the banks that are living fat off ur shitty paychecks. Hell, hate the ‘isms’! But to hate another human being because they are different from you I will never get.

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