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Posted by humphreysworld on May 2, 2011

On September 11, 2001 I got a call at 3:30am my time (Hawaii) from my friend Jacqueline. ‘Something’s blown up in NY, I don’t know what’s going on’. And just like that, the world was forever changed. I know there is no one in this country, perhaps even the world, who will forget where they were when they first learned of the unfolding tragedy. Except for the children born into a world they knew nothing of. And nearly 10 years later here we are, the man behind the madness has been killed. Within minutes of the news breaking people flocked to the White House with impromptu renditions of the Star Spangled Banner and chants of ‘USA’, ‘USA’. I was glued to the t.v. and on tweeting much like I was that fateful day so long ago. The death of a man who hate so much hate in his heart, and not just for Americans seems like a good thing. After all, he undoubtedly celebrated as images of people jumping to their death and the towers engulfed in flames poured in. He brought destruction where no other did, to our shores. Unless it was by our own hands of course. My good friend lost her brother to the war on terror, and  we lost our civil liberties. So his passing should be good, right?

So why don’t I feel like celebrating?

Well, I find it hard to celebrate death. No matter how heinous a life. Don’t take this statement to be anything close to sympathy. To this day I cannot think of 9/11 without breaking down into tears because of the lives lost because of the hatred of another. And I also don’t judge those who took to the streets. I wanted to be there myself. He was one of the biggest threats to our security, and it is after all human nature to want revenge, death even, for one who is your natural enemy. We lost a lot on that day at the hands of that piece of shit. Our sense of security. Our right to privacy. 3000 lives of our fellow humankind. But why did he choose this country as his target?

The same reason anyone chooses to target another.  Hate.

And it’s hate that keeps me from celebrating. Because until we stop this cycle, the violence, the wars, the dying, the threat will never end. We don’t like what we don’t understand, isn’t that how the old saying goes? Some took revenge on Muslims after 9/11 because we assumed Osama and Muslims were one in the same and without questions outcast an entire religion. Some do not like or  understand what it means to be gay, so rather than understand some would rather beat you and tie you to a fence to die.  Some have been told that one race is superior to another and that, said race is a threat to your way of life. So rather than question or attempt to understand, some chose to hang ,burn churches or drag you through the street. Hate has manifested itself in many, many forms. And until we find peace among what we cannot- and maybe will never- understand, there will always be an enemy, lying in wait to do the devils work. And there will always be others who, fail to understand and follow blindly to do his bidding.

I am so proud of our armed forces. They have spent years in harms way trying to protect our country and way of life. Some, unfortunately, did not make it back. I want them home. And I want the hate to stop. Some day, I want to be a parent. And I don’t want my child to see the things I have seen in my lifetime. No child should live in a state of heightened awareness- and that goes for the children in America, children in Afghanistan, children all over the world. He’s dead. We can’t afford to be naive and assume all is well, but let us take this time and try to make peace of this life. It’s the only one we have.


One Response to “Dilemma.”

  1. Reginald said

    Excellent Post, it sums up just I how feel, I know it’s good, to take out a sworn enemy,however, celebrating his death just does not feel right.

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