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Our energy future.

Posted by humphreysworld on April 3, 2011

My mother said to me that she thought they key to a clean energy future lies with nuclear energy. An interesting statement as we watch Japan* try, without success, to put a stop to what could turn out to be the worst nuclear disaster ever. I found it even more interesting because my mother lives 150 miles away from a nuclear plant. In an earthquake prone state. Unfortunately she is not the only one who is convinced of this.

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We could be losing the battle for clean energy before it’s truly begun. And that scares the shit out of me.

I was 12 years old when Chernobyl happened, so I remember little of it’s destruction. But I know that nearly 25 years later towns near Chernobyl remain virtually uninhabited, the soil unusable. I know that between 1986-2000 more than 350,000 people were evacuated as the devastation and fall out (pun intended) was realized. And let’s not forget three-mile island here in the United States. Nor can we afford to discount the more than 800 near misses at nuclear plants in this country. We certainly can’t predict mother nature and her wrath, and we can’t always account for human error- both of which could turn a situation from bad to catastrophic as we’ve seen in Japan.

We need to stop slippin’ on our environmental pimpin’.

Why is the idea of clean energy so hard to grasp for everyday Jane and Joe citizen? I don’t expect dirty energy producers to acknowledge it, because without coal and nuclear energy they couldn’t live high on the hog as they do now. They are content to rely on dirty energy because by the time it’s too late to turn back the environmental clock, their bodies will be rotting in the dirt. As for their grand kids, well, tough cookies kids, breathing clean air is overrated!

Wind and solar energy work. They are clean and cheap. We are at an environmental crossroads. We can continue to go down this path and keep pumping the earth of vital resources to turn into toxic pollution for us to breathe, we can continue to watch the ice caps melt, continue to subject poor and black families to contaminated water- or we can do something about it. This is our lives we’re talking about here, it is that serious. We need to demand a clean energy future for ourselves and for the generations coming after us. And if they refuse to give it to us then it’s time to kick them the fuck out of office and elect someone who will. There’s a lot of elected officials that are sleeping with dirty energy and we’re getting screwed and have nothing to show for it.

Silent Spring 2.0 is not a good look for Earth, it’s time we do something about it.

*There are many ways you can help the people of Japan while they are going through this crisis. To find some options on how you can help, click here.


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