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RNC’s closet freaks.

Posted by humphreysworld on February 9, 2011

I’ve been involved in the world of politics in one way or another for more than half my life. And during that time I’ve seen the good, the bad, the corrupt and the brave. Moral high ground rhetoric has always been present, but these days it seems as though it’s at an all-time high. I guess that’s why when I see stories like this I wet myself a little from excitement.

Looks like their moral peg just got knocked down one more pant button.

Congressman Chris Lee of New York thought the best use of his time was trolling craigslist for some trim. And in true craigslist fashion, he posted a pic of his hot old man naked body for the ladies to swoon over. Nothing wrong with that, if you’ve taken a troll stroll through craigslist you’ll find that most posts contain a naked body part. The only glitch in his matrix is that he happens to be married. Oopsies.

Cheating (or naughty craigslist posts) are not limited to men, republicans, or republican men. The thing I find most fascinating by this however is the fact that the republicans for so long have tried to pain themselves as holier than thou, with all the answers when it comes to chastity, family values, etc. etc. But I can count on both hands the number of times their dalliances have made the paper. How does that make them the party of family values?

They’ve spent so much time telling everyone how they should live their lives: don’t have sex, but if you do make sure it’s only with the opposite sex. Porn and strip clubs are bad, unless it’s the RNC and in which case sex clubs are totally acceptable. Be faithful, unless you find someone else that’s hotter than your wife. And yet in spite of all this, they don’t seem to hold themselves to the standards that they proclaim- or shove down our throats.

Let me say this before someone sends me hate mail: As a lifelong registered Democrat, I know the party isn’t perfect. Former Congressman Jefferson of Louisiana managed to stuff more than $90,000 benjamins in between his frozen peas and Ben & Jerry’s, acquired by taking bribes. Not cool. There have been a few other discrepancies as well. Neither party is perfect. But the dems at least don’t pretend to be. They just pretend to be effective.

Congressman Lee stepped down just before his pecks graced the front page of CNN this evening. Perhaps his instant removal was a result of the republican crackdown of closet freaks. Who can say, but I for one am tired of the double standard. Now if you’ll excuse me, I am going to troll craigslist, I heard Bristol’s got a new gig and I want to be the one to break the story… Kidding!


One Response to “RNC’s closet freaks.”

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