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Where/when will it end?

Posted by humphreysworld on January 9, 2011

What is the definition of a crosshair? Well, the technical description from Webster’s dictionary is as follows:

a fine wire or thread in the focus of the eyepiece of an optical instrument used as a reference line in the field or for marking the instrumental axis —used figuratively to describe someone or something being targeted as if through an aiming device having crosshairs.

Gun scopes use crosshairs for marking the precise spot for their target. Interestingly enough, everybody’s favorite tea bagger Sarah Palin created a map using crosshairs aimed at races she wanted to take and spread it to her minions pinpointing her targets. Political targets, that is. Unfortunately some have chosen to take that literally. Arizona Rep. Giffords was on that map. And despite her dimwit aide claiming that the map was not intended as targets of violence, in a world where so many refuse to think for themselves, can anyone be surprised by the outcome?

Pull a boob out at the super bowl and everyone goes nuts, but violence in today’s culture is an accepted norm. And nutters like Jared Loughner have the NRA on their side. The NRA doesn’t care who you are, what you’ve done or your state of mind, according to them you have a right to bare arms. Unfortunately that’s a load of shit. If you are mentally unstable (remember the Virginia Tech shooting?), you shouldn’t have access to a gun. Yet Seung Hui Cho picked out a gun like he was buying a pack of gum- no one bothered to check his background- and 23 people lost their lives.  If you are a domestic abuser you don’t have the right to a gun. I’m sure the 3 women  day who have lost their lives at the hands of their husbands/boyfriends/lovers would agree. If you are a violent individual you don’t have a right to own a gun. Some asshole who was carrying a piece in a club shot and killed two people just last night, including a police officer.

This just in: guns kill, folks.

People own guns for many uses, but all of them have one result- to cause harm. People hunt for the purpose of killing an animal for sport or necessity. People keep a gun in their home for protection from intruders, who you may shoot if the situation presents itself. And even something as innocent as a shooting range, you are practicing on a paper target of a human (a black one, but I digress) so that, should the need arise, you can take out your target. And in the world of politics, the lines are blurring between words and action– with sometimes violent results. After the health care vote, dozens of politicans’ offices were struck with violence and many were contacted at their home and threatened with violence. Sarah Palin and her cronies have spent months working people up into a frenzy against the black president, his agenda and anyone who supports it. One of those political marks was Giffords. Palin’s tweet on March 23rd where she promotes the use of this map which claims to not invite violence she said, “Commonsense Conservatives & lovers of America: ‘Don’t Retreat, Instead – RELOAD!’ Pls see my Facebook page.1 Reload? That doesn’t invite violence at all.

There’s something seriously wrong here. As a country we need to look at our priorities. Children are playing with guns instead of puzzles, pregnant teens are celebrities, education is looked at as something only elitists should aim for, and violence is everywhere you look. That’s not what this country should be about. And the Palin’s of the world need to accept responsibility for the hatred they spew and how it can end up changing lives forever. Loughner is by no means blameless. He hatched the plan and he pulled the trigger. Would he have done so if he wasn’t lead to believe that the socialist government takeover was eminent, I don’t know. But I will say this: We are fighting enough wars in this country- poverty, violence against women, ageism, sexism, racism, homelessness, hunger- we cannot afford to turn a blind eye to this. The rhetoric needs to stop. The hatred needs to stop. The violence HAS to stop.

The little girl who was killed in yesterday’s incident was born on 9/11/2001. Born in the wake of terrorists, died at the hands of terrorists. Haven’t we seen enough?



One Response to “Where/when will it end?”

  1. WordyDoodles said

    Thank you SO much for writing this.

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