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A Girls Guide to Feeling a Little bit Better

Posted by humphreysworld on October 29, 2010

Those close to me (and some not so close) may be keenly aware that I am teetering on the edge of my faculties right now. No, I have not given any real consideration to jumping into the Potomac; I do want to have a child someday after all. But I am simply not feeling myself. That happens every once in a while- everything seems to be going blatantly wrong. And I know some of you might have days like that, so I decided in an effort to try and make myself feel better, I would give these helpful tips for the next time you (or I) feel a touch of the blues.

Retail Therapy.
Shopping is my favorite sport. I love fashion. I will even go so far as to say I am a trend whore. To me, fashion can transform you in a variety of ways. And when I’m feeling down, buying something always makes me feel better (my wachovia check card seems to approve too). So I had a date this Friday that I was looking forward to. So I bought a fantastic little number for the occasion (the one in the pic, only I look way better.). Not that I didn’t have any number of options in my closet mind you, but I wanted something different, and new. But alas, he canceled. Permanently as it turns out. No doubt I was feeling bummed was prepared to take the dress back since I no longer needed it. And then my friend reminded me, and I quote, ‘you looked fabulous in that dress. You should consider keeping it. No need to plan for the next date or anything like that, just consider it for you’. And you know what? She’s right. I looked fucking amazing in that dress if I do say so myself, so I have decided to keep the dress I don’t need because I looked incredible and will find another time to wear it. And soon. Ladies, if you’re feeling down, go out and buy yourself something pretty. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or expensive, just something that makes you feel good. A new perfume, that clutch you’ve been eying, perhaps that dress you pass by in the window every day on your way to work? It’s worked for me, and I can guarantee it will work for you.

Drowning your sorrows.
Now before anyone jumps down my throat, I am not suggesting anyone turn into an alcoholic. I don’t know any (although I seem to encounter one daily on my bus route), but I’m sure its no fun. Whatever you drink (or eat, or smoke, whatever) do it in moderation. But I fully support doing it alone. There was a time in my life when I thought drinking hard liquor alone could lead to my drunken debaucheries being chronicled on an episode of Intervention in the foreseeable future. But I’ve long since abandoned that notion. If you are feeling gloomy, pop the cork on a bottle of wine or measure out a shot of Grand Marnier, put your feet up and read a trashy magazine. Or if you’re feeling bold, go out and have a drink by yourself! Throw off that snuggie and put on something nice and go for a glass of wine at your local watering hole. If nothing else you will meet some interesting characters and maybe even find yourself smiling in spite of it all.

Reach out and touch someone
Many of the people I known and love are far away from me. Some of them have lives that include husbands, children, etc. And at some point people leave. On a recent road trip when I was going through a bad break up of sorts, my dearest friend Sarah said to me, ‘if you feel the urge to pick up the phone and call him, don’t. Call me’. I will always remember that because knowing that she was going to be far away was hard, but knowing that she would always be there for me if I needed her meant everything. And others have extended the same branch. My best friend of 22 years has certainly talked me off the ledge on more than one occasion and no one can make me laugh about absolutely nothing at all like she can. So ladies, if you’re feeling blue. pick up the phone and call your BFF. They always know the right things to say to get you our of a funk. A story about something lame in our lives, the cute boy we were crushing on or the latest Gilt craving is something only you and your BFF can chat about over and over again and it never gets old.

How sweet it is, to be loved by you
I’m a great person. And sometimes when life gets you down its hard to remember that. So even though I can’t afford it, I’m going to do something nice for myself. Buy myself some flowers maybe, or go get a massage. Yesterday I stood in line for an hour for a lobster roll and this morning I had a pumpkin latte. Neither of which I needed but both were a necessary reward to remind myself that I am worth it. I am worth loving and being loved, I am worth being compensated for the work I do, I am worth that dream vacation I want to take, I am worth being an ear for someone when they need it and getting a shoulder when I need it. And you are too. Treat yourself to something nice this weekend. A cupcake from Hello Cupcake. A mani/pedi. A long soak in a hot bath. Do it. You’re worth it.

I hope this has helped you, or will help you in the future. It’s helped me a bit.


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