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Hell yes it gets better! An open post to everyone who has been discriminated against.

Posted by humphreysworld on October 20, 2010

Faggot. Nigger. Wetback. Spic. Chink. Slut. Dyke. Fatso. Pizza face. Nappy head. Terrorist. Nerd. Poor White trash. If you’ve ever been discriminated against you’ve probably been called at least one of these foul names at a point in your life. Of course, burnt toast was the name that some little twerp named Terrence called me when I was in the 3rd grade because, according to him, I was too dark. That’s one of my personal favorites. So to every piece of shit who has ever uttered these words out of hate I have two words for you.

Fuck off.

There have been a string of suicides by young people who couldn’t take the constant bullying anymore, but sadly these kids are not the first. But how did we get to this place? Bullies are nothing new. I remember a few I went to school with. But the most they might have done was point their finger at you for picking your nose, or whisper behind your back in the hall as you passed by. But today’s bullying has gone to a new level, and kids who are taunted feel like the only way to escape is to die.  Where are the parents of these little nasty turds? They don’t simply turn off that behavior once they get home. Where are the adults who should intervene in schools? Are they also afraid of these bullies, too overwhelmed with too many students and not enough resources, not very good at their job- or a combination of all three? EVERYONE has a responsibility to stand up to this behavior. Because WE helped created it. WE turned a blind eye while hate has continued to simmer in public discourse, on television and in the halls of our schools. WE never bothered to put a stop to ‘harmless’ name-calling and use of derogatory terms. WE as a society need to talk to our kids. Tell them its o.k. to be proud of who they are. Because if kids can’t feel safe to be who they are at home chances are, the big bad world isn’t going to be any nicer. WE can put a stop to bullying of LGBTQ kids, kids of color, kids with a little meat on their bones, kids who are poor, etc.

Believe me, it gets better. I’ve been called 3 of the terms listed above (nigger, fatso, burnt toast) at least once in my 36 years of life on earth. And to the trolls who have called me that and worse- I got news for you. I have two degrees, I own my own catering business, I have a lot of friends who love me and who I love, I plan on breaking through my glass ceiling in my lifetime and I am doing my part to make the world a better place. And to every scared kid or adult out there YOU WILL TOO. Never let anyone tell you any different. Because the chances that the Terrence’s of the world will live/are living miserable lives are high. They don’t like themselves which is why they work so hard to make you feel like hell (did I mention Terrence was black? Self hatred for sure). Each of you has so much to live for, never let anyone tell you any less. If you feel sad, angry, scared, alone- call someone.  Email me. We’ve all felt that way at some point in our lives because of something someone said. But you aren’t alone.  You have a lot to give, don’t let anyone take your shine.

I’m living proof, it gets better. For more information on how you can put a stop to bullying or if you are being bullied, see the resources below.

The Trevor Project

The Human Rights Campaign

The United Church of Christ

Stop bullying, speak up.


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