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Let Sanity Prevail- a Call to Action

Posted by humphreysworld on October 14, 2010

Progressives, hippies and people still using their brains listen up. It’s time to take our country back. In two weeks, Jon Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity will be here, and hundreds of thousands of progressives from all around the country will converge on D.C. to rally. This rally was in large response to Glenn I-think-the-president-is-racist Beck’s lame rally in which he and Grandma Grizzly spewed hate from their podium to the lemurs down below. But I think Stewart saw something bigger, a problem that needs to be addressed before we end up in the dark ages and I am back to the back of the bus!

It seems like every day there is a news story about the Good Ole Pricks Grand Old Party being more fired up than Dems. Tea Party recruiting young candidates, blah blah. What gives? Where the fudge are progressives? These tea baggers do NOT reflect my country. Two years ago we turned out because we wanted something different than this. And now they are trying to reverse progress and then some. Hell, we have barely made progress since we’ve had to spend so much time cleaning up the mess from the past 8 years!! But we have made some strides and they are vowing to turn it back.  Is it racist? You betcha! But I’ll leave that to another post. The nutters have managed to get people to follow them right off the cliff; the same people who use the services and benefit from the laws they are trying to reverse (they had their rally on government subsidized land and took government subsidized transportation or government funded roads to get here for starters). There’s no doubt, this is insane.

Oh but don’t let me leave while taking it to the democrats’ ass. They can be just as bad. No, most people who call themselves democrats do not legislate hate. For the most part they are interested in moving forward. But they also have no spine. The are weak. They have lost the ability to articulate issues and have left the wordsmithing to the GOP- and the definitions as well (death tax? Yeah lame).

There is no questions both parties need to be bitch-slapped. And hard. How do we do it? Take to the streets! Take to the phones! Take from their campaign funds! And if you want to take it to the next level, run for office. This last point I am most serious about. I have a friend who is running for MD state office (my district!!). She is awesome, smart, progressive, young and committed to social change for Maryland and beyond. We need more young people like her running for office.  It’s time for us to kick ass and kick people out of office who have lost the ability to truly speak on behalf of the people.

I’m fired up and ready to go! I hope to see you at the rally and maybe even on the ballot? If you’re interested in running (I will volunteer to be your campaign strategist and cheerleader!!) see some resources below. Let’s take our country back!! (I am a proud graduate!)


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