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And the 2010 Asswipe of the Year is…

Posted by humphreysworld on September 8, 2010

I gotta say, there have been a lot of assholes in the running this year. Mel Gibson, everyone knows he’s a prick. He hates just about everyone, and is somehow convince packs of niggers are running around waiting to attack women in slutty dresses. Then there is Spencer Pratt, but I don’t like to make fun of people with low  i.q.’s. Well I do, but I won’t today. Of course BP deserves a special shout out, but since they have caused the worst environmental disaster this country has ever seen ‘Dick of the Decade’ might be more appropriate for them. No, the 2010 Asswipe of the year goes to, drum roll please……

I borrowed this photo from MSN, credit goes to John Raoux, AP file. Don't sue me!

This hoser. Reverend Terry Jones. On the 9th anniversary of September 11th, this fuck and his followers plan to burn the Quaran on his own created, ‘International burn a Quaran day’. Now before you start sending me hate mail let’s set a couple things straight. I am NOT opposed to any kind of religion. So this isn’t about him being a man of the cloth, although how he chose this profession with so much hate in his heart I’m not sure. Two, while I don’t subscribe to any particular faith, I would not normally speak of a person of the cloth with disrespect. But this guy has it coming to him and I welcome anyone who can point me to the contrary. Now that I’ve got that off my chest…

What makes him king asshole in my book do you ask? Oh I don’t know, let me think. It might be the fact that he is using his pulpit to preach hate. God doesn’t hate folks, period. No matter what God you believe in. Just like God doesn’t condone killing abortion doctors, blowing up buildings, touching children- that’s not what God is about. It may be also that his actions could very well be the start of another war. Or at a minimum putting the lives of our service men and women in danger as they are stationed in the Middle East. The Taliban has been chomping at the bit over the anti-Muslim rhetoric that has started yet again over the proposed mosque near where the twin towers once stood. Gee I wonder if this little incident may help bolster their recruitment…

When I first saw the headlines of what this guy was trying to do, I had to step back and ask myself if this was my country. If this was Earth! In what world does this type of shit make sense? To use your faith to promote condemning of another, its lunacy. Of course, he’s not the first nut to do this. Let’s not forget the ‘Reverend’ who proclaims that God hates fags and has toured the country with his family protesting funerals including the funeral of Matthew Sheperd and of soldiers who died in combat. I feel pretty confident that this is not what free speech was intended for. Why aren’t people more pissed off? I would like everyone to take a minute and think how you would feel if someone of the Muslim faith proclaimed before the media (and shame on the media for even picking up on this fucking story) that they were going to burn the Christian bible. All hell would break lose!

Fear of the other is a dangerous thing. It’s what keeps racism alive and well in this country,  it’s what keeps this world in constant turmoil, and it’s what gives guys like this the cajones to spew ignorance into the world. I will never, ever forget where I was and how I felt on 9.11.01. Nine years later I cannot think about it without breaking down into tears. I’m not sure if anyone can. But that act was done out of hate, not faith. The Muslim religion did not instruct those people to take out the World Trade Center, no more than the Christian bible tells us to kill for a Christian God or the Catholic bible tells men its o.k. to touch children in inappropriate places. The crazies have hijacked religion folks, and it’s high time we take it back.

I wonder if they have any of the rotten eggs left from the salmonella recall, this guy deserves to be pelted with shit covered eggs.


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