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Now that’s a shitty omelette (no really!)!

Posted by humphreysworld on August 31, 2010

I had dinner with a friend of mine lately, and as we were preparing dinner, he noted my high level of samonellaphobia (I just made that word up, spellchecker!). I admit it, I have a problem with germs. Not the I-should-be-on-A&E’ss-Obsessed kind of problem, but I am always hyper aware of washing my hands, checking expiration dates, not eating from large troughs of food, etc. Mock me if you may! But perhaps this morning’s news might make you think a little harder about the foods you eat.

Shit. Yes, shit, and flies, and birds and other kinds of shit everywhere, courtesy of Poopy McShitty farm. Well, that’s not the name of the farm, but it mind as well be. CNN reports that upon inspection, the farm responsible for the salmonella break out had NUMEROUS violations, including an 8 foot pile of shit. After I felt the need to throw up my delicious bagel, I asked myself a very curious question. They inspected the farm AFTER the breakout??

I wandered over to the FDA website to check out what the protocol for egg inspection is. And they have a plan! Of course, the plan wasn’t finalized until July 2010, AFTER the breakout.  So how could something like this happen you ask? What a great question. Well, if I’ve said it once I’ll say it again- personal is political.  Someone somewhere turned a blind eye, cuz that 8 foot turd didn’t happen overnight. And now more than 1300 people have the trots or much worse as a result of negligence.

I’m not going to tell you to buy cage-free, vegetarian fed eggs. That’s what I do but not everyone can or cares to do so. But I will say that it pays to know what happens in politics and even in your own backyard (i.e. state, neighborhood, you get the idea). Pay attention. And call your legislators out on their shit if you think they aren’t doing enough to protect your rights as a consumer and egg loving constituent.

Now I don’t know about you, but I think I’ll have Fruit Loops for breakfast this weekend. Or will I????


One Response to “Now that’s a shitty omelette (no really!)!”

  1. Rose said

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that clicking on ‘shit’ sends you to a big ole picture of tom cruise. LOVE IT.

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