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An open letter to Metro

Posted by humphreysworld on August 30, 2010

I give up. You win. I, like many patrons in the DMV area have been faithful to you but it seems to make little difference in how you respond to customers. Even after that fateful crash last year that claimed 9 lives and brought out the worst in metro (not just your safety record but your ability to respond to just about anything), we still stuck with you. Since June of last year, your faithful followers have dealt with:

  • above ground stations being out of commission for a week due to your inability to clear anything more than 8 inches of snow from the track
  • 4- yes 4- rate increases in ONE year
  • catastrophes that rendered metro a total transportation nightmare
  • cars with little to no AC during some of the hottest times of the year

Should I continue? After being caught in an episode in which someone jumped and it took me 3 hours to get home because metro couldn’t get it together to put shuttle service into action for nearly 2 hours, I decided that I would give up on the rail unless absolutely necessary and would take the bus. At least there is AC and you can get out relatively quickly if there is a problem. And yet, even that metro cannot get right.

My bus shows up whenever it feels like. Metro’s motto these days must be ‘schedule schmedule’. Last week one bus didn’t show up at all, which forced me back on metro to get to work on time. Friday as the bus is late and he is LITERALLY traveling down the road at 15 miles an hour and when I ask him what time he’s due at the end of the line he says quote, ‘I don’t know’. This morning the bus showed up 15 MIN late. Which made me 20 minutes late for work. And we PAY FOR THIS!

So metro you win. I guess its too much to ask for us patrons to get to work on time, in one piece, with a little change in our pockets and without a sour disposition.



One Response to “An open letter to Metro”

  1. Rose said

    Dude, MTA is the SAME WAY up in NY. Prices keep going up while more and more lines get shut down, service gets shoddier over the weekend, and tolls go up. This is just WACK. There needs to be a competitor in the market so this choke hold they have on us can be relaxed!!

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