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Politics as usual just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Posted by humphreysworld on August 24, 2010

I have been a progressive since I came out of the womb (ask mom). I have been in politics more than 1/2 my life, and I have consistently voted the Democratic ticket since 1992 when I cast my first ballot. So I feel like my dedication and countless hours pounding the pavement and getting on the horn for the candidates gives me a little bit of cover to say this: Democrats get it the fuck together.

For those of you remember the 1994 election you may be smelling the stench of of a political takeover.  After Clinton was elected, the right wing nut jobs of the world prepared to take over Congress and boy did they ever. And as a result, anything that made any sense (and some stuff that didn’t) was virtually stalled in Congress. Fast forward 16 years later, and we’re in the same position. Right wingers and other variations of nuttery (racists, maybe?) are up in arms at Obama being elected (racist maybe?) and have been aiming at him and the Democrats since the 2008 elections handed Democrats control of all 3 branches of government. And never mind the fact that Obama took on one of the biggest challenges of our time- and won- healthcare reform. Bad timing? Perhaps, but what’s done is done and now tea baggers, uh I mean tea partiers are waiting to get a piece of every dem up for re-election. And the dems don’t seem too concerned.

Tea party candidates have been making progress in primaries this year, unseating Republican incumbents and making waves all over. I don’t care about their party one way or the other but should those nuts get elected you can best believe we’ll be seeing legislation aimed at turning back the clock and covering the earth with oil, for starters. The Democrats are fighting within each other; some supporting the President, others backing away, some pointing the fingers, others following blindly and the end result is a big clusterfu*k of who- shot- John. Dems have always been disorganized, it comes out of our need to be inclusive all the time, hear everyone’s opinions and all that other hippie shit.  DNC chairman Howard Dean says in one sentence Obama’s team is misguided and in the same breath says he’s got his stuff together.  This is frankly exhausting.

We have a couple of things working for us. We’ve got more cash. We’ve got RNC chairman Michael Steele who, even though he’s not on our side, has done enough damage to make his party look like a giant mangled turd. And we still have two years to make even more improvements that Jane & Joe citizen can look to as progress so we don’t lose the presidency. But the dems need more than cashola and the village idiot to make a case as to why they should stay in office. Or we should be prepared to put progress on hold for the next couple of years. Dems! Pull your heads OUT OF YOUR BUTTHOLE and get it together!!

Phew, I feel better.


One Response to “Politics as usual just doesn’t cut it anymore.”

  1. Patrice Celeste said

    Hear, hear!

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