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Today in the world of the absurd…

Posted by humphreysworld on August 23, 2010

I’m not sure if anyone cares, but since his press person went through all the trouble of writing the press release, I’ll bite.covered is just how I like them.

The douchbaggery known as Spencer Pratt is trying to peddle a sex tape with featuring his ex science project wife Heidi for some cold hard cash. Hmm. First he’s promised to put all her dirty chonies out for the world to see in a tell-all book (look for it in the bargain basement section of your local bookstore), and now this. I realize the job market is bad now- particularly for people with zero skill- but must he sink so low? More importantly, why should we care?

Surely there is more to talk about in the world of entertainment today like, oh I don’t know, something with entertainment value??! Frankly I’m tired of seeing their faces, and I damn sure don’t want to see their ass cheeks.


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