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Dear Wallet

Posted by humphreysworld on June 5, 2012

Dear wallet,

You selfish, politically motivated bastard. When I look at you, empty and weak it makes me want to barf. For years you have been clamoring for pay equity in the workplace– and for what?? Don’t you sit at home watching Judge Judy all day? Oh, so you have the same degree as a man– and?! Two degrees?? Even better. Smart Ass. Just because you have to work twice as hard for 1/2 of the pay, doesn’t mean jack squat.

Clearly your needs are politically motivated.

To think, you want to buy a house, save some money, support your family– in other words get paid what you’re worth– what gives you the right? Somebody call the waahmbulance! Sorry wallet, but those tree branches hiding in your nether regions tell me otherwise. Those fallopian tubes tell me you- A, shouldn’t be working and B, if you do, you can’t possibly working as hard as a man is. Who ever heard of such a thing! How did they even let you in school? Something is wrong with this picture.

Look, I know what you’re thinking. Pay equity is the right thing to do. It will right decades long wrongs, and help you actually get paid what you’re worth. Unfortunately for you wallet, I see right through this. And it’s my duty to speak for my constituents: Men and trial lawyers. They’re the ones who will be hurt most if your paycheck actually looks like a man’s. Imagine! If we paid you equitably, why, we’d have to start looking at all other forms of discrimination! Sorry, not on my watch.

The best thing for you to do is to maybe take up another job, maybe in the service industry? I figure, two is better than one- and who knows! You may end up making more than me. If your family, health, relationships and overall well-being suffers, well, sometimes we have to make sacrifices.

I hope you don’t take this the wrong way. It’s not me, its you. I can’t look like I care; and frankly, I don’t. But it’s more than that. A leg up for you means a leg up for everyone, and the system can’t work that way. Not if I want to continue to benefit from it anyway.

Well, I hope you understand. No hard feelings huh? See you in November.


The Republican Party.


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Posted by humphreysworld on March 30, 2012

A hoodie is to blame for another black child dead. And Zimmerman is free.

No defensive wounds, no blood, no signs of struggle. And Zimmerman walks free.

Trayvon laid in a morgue unidentified because for society, all black faces look the same. And Zimmerman flies free.

He identifies as Hispanic so he couldn’t be racist. And Zimmerman breathes free.

His parents will never see Travyon graduate college, walk down the aisle, bring sons into the world. And Zimmerman loves free.

When will WE be free? When will I walk down the street and you not hold your purse a little closer. When will my brother be free? Free from persecution because of the color of his skin. When will our money be free? I make 56 cents to your dollar, yet my bills are the same, my degrees the same, my needs the same. When will our love be free? We can’t love and appreciate our community because to you it looks as though we’re in a gang, we’re too black or to loud or too fill-in-the-blank for you to approach. When will the next generation be free? When I have a family, will I have to tell him or her that they need to walk lightly, straighten their hair, speak right, act right, don’t run, don’t make eye contact, stay in school, stay true, be black but not too b lack, turn the other cheek, refuse to move to the back, move to the back, don’t go here, stay over there- when and where does it end?

I am a black woman in America, I don’t know what the future holds for me. Being black and female is how society has defined me as and I willingly accept that definition. But on some levels in means an uncertain future. I didn’t go through the struggles my parents and their parents before them did. In theory they went through that struggle so that I wouldn’t have to. And do I have a job? Yes. Do banks extend credit to me? Yes. Do I have the right to vote without being intimidated? Because of where I live, yes.

But am I free? Far from it.

The struggle for my brothers is so much harder. They portrayed as animals, locked away in cages and never given a fair shake. Unless they ‘marry up’, only then is their blackness is given a temporary pass. For women we are welfare mamas, whores, or ghetto chicks with attitudes.  But in the end it translates to be the same. Racism has defined us as a people and to this day those definitions in the minds of others has largely remained the same.

And the thing is, I want black babies– and I don’t want to be afraid to do so. But I cannot help but wonder what the future holds for them, when I am uncertain of what it holds for me. During my trip to Italy should I be concerned that I will be mistaken for a prostitute? Will I ever be promoted to a senior position in my organization? Can I attain the American dream and buy a house? Will that house be in the wrong (or right) neighborhood? It’s 2012, and black America is still trying to answer these questions.

When will WE be free?

And more importantly, when will YOU be free*? Free from the ignorance that tells you black is inherently evil, that a black or brown person got their job not on merit but because of the color of their skin (did you ever wonder if people ask the same of you?), free from the belief that the color of someone’s skin defines them as sinister and out to do no good (did you ever wonder if people look at war and corruption around the world and think the same about you?), free from the hate from the unknown, that you despise for no other reason than the fact that your reflection looks different from mine. I never wanted to be defined by  my race. But the world has made it so. It’s clear that your definition needs to change before we are both free. You free from hate and me and mine free from persecution.

Travyon’s case isn’t the first and he won’t be the last until our definition changes. I can’t/won’t/don’t want to change the color of my skin. And I’m certain you don’t want to change yours. Why should we? But what we CAN change is our definitions of each other, our systems of injustice that let this continue & the ignorance and hate that keeps it going strong.

* a friend sent me this clip, it speaks volumes.

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The War on Women

Posted by humphreysworld on March 4, 2012

I normally tend to stay away from all political commentary these days, it’s all bullshit and at this point I’m not sure if any of them actually believe what they say. But this morning I woke up and somehow must’ve accidentally tuned my dial onto This Week with George Stephanopoulos and the topic seemed to center around that fat fuck Rush Limbaugh.

Now, I heard what he said about Sandra Fluke (for the purpose of integrity and dignity I have no intentions of repeating or linking to it). Nothing about what he says should be surprising to anyone; he’s a vile excuse for a human being filled with hate that he regurgitates to the idiot masses who follow him. But what caught me about this week’s roundtable was some republican hack refuting the notion that Rush’s comments or anything the GOP has been about lately equates to a war on women.

They are trying to cut women in our pockets, in our wombs, in everything that we do and say- what else would you call it?

Is this phrase a lot of rhetoric? Sure. As this hack pointed out, there is no literal battlefield, soldiers, etc. etc. And the idea war itself is not something to be taken lightly. But what’s happening right now is real all the same. The culture wars the GOP seem content upon waging seem to toggle back and forth between women and LGBT, sometimes even managing to juggle both at the same time. And like the fight against LGBT rights, the relentless attacks from the right on women have been coming at every level of government. In the first six months of 2011, 162 new provisions related to reproductive health were introduced in the states, including gestastional bans, increased waiting periods, mandatory counseling at crisis pregnancy centers, and most recently in Virginia, a bill would require women to have an ultrasound before getting an abortion. Even the flap last month around Susan G. Komen/Planned Parenthood- the attack is coming from all sides.

But it’s not just our wombs that are being attacked. Women have been struggling for fair pay for decades, and no matter who’s in power, the bill never seems to get anywhere. For every $1 a man makes, a white woman makes .78. For women of color, even less. And it was only when President Obama took office that women were finally protected from retaliation for reporting wage discrimination in the work place.

We can’t have sex, if we have sex we shouldn’t learn how to protect ourselves, if we get pregnant we can’t have abortions, if we become parents before we’re ready we can’t have aid, when we take our children to school we can’t get them reduced lunches, when we finally get to work we can’t get sick and if we get sick we get fired, and if we get sick we shouldn’t have healthcare and if we do have healthcare that healthcare shouldn’t cover birth control (Viagra is covered so Johnny’s rocket can keep operating into his 60s- that’s important) and even if we stay healthy and stay our asses at work longer than anyone else our money still doesn’t amount to what a man’s does.

There’s no doubt about it, the system is out to get women. And men are pulling the strings.

No matter what side of the debate you’re on (I don’t know why it’s even a debate; you don’t believe in them, don’t have them), this isn’t about abortion. This is about using women as a pawn in a political game. This is about keeping women in a position of second class to ensure we only get so far. For as long as I can remember the GOP has been using the battle of the womb to gain and keep their political power and to shift attention away from the things that matter most and which they know very little about. Unfortunately it seems to be working.

One of the knights of the political hack roundtable said this morning that the only way to take control of the situation with Rush was to outright denounce his comments about Ms. Fluke & distance themselves from his hate speech. Truth is they can’t and they won’t; they’re so busy playing to the right they don’t know which way is up. These are the clowns running for the highest level of office this country has to offer. They have no spine, no conviction, and if we’re not careful they will have us back in the 19th century, barefoot, pregnant & out of public discourse once again.

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Say it loud!

Posted by humphreysworld on February 21, 2012

I happened to engage in a back and forth with some chick on Twitter over a tweet that originated with another user. The tweet stated simply put, ‘Black woman, you are valuable, so act like it.’ Something which I very much agree with for many reasons. This follower, however, didn’t agree. In her words to say only that black women were valuable meant that ‘to exclude all women and focus on black women only continues our social problem of racism.’

To that claim I am calling utter bullshit.

Since when does loving my people translate into not appreciating or loving others? Being black is my identity. It is what others define me by and who I define myself by first. And it is for this reason that my love and appreciation of self is (or should be) supported by the love and appreciation of self from my community. Yet we are discouraged to do so. To be around each other in professional settings is something that not only gets noticed but is frowned upon, sometimes sadly from our own people. This brothers’ statement, and my support of that statement was seen as a form of self-oppression.

Did I mention this conversation was between another black woman?

Black people are continually told we are not good enough, pretty enough. Our hair’s too nappy, our nose is too big, our ass is too big, we’re too this, we’re too that. And when it continues to be reinforced from all angles conscious or unconsciously it continues to weigh on the mind and soul until we believe it ourselves and begin to devalue ourselves. To have pride in one’s ethnicity is not a matter of perpetuating racism, it’s a matter of self preservation.

It’s also a matter of celebration! I love my people. Period. I love our spirit, our skin, our hair, our determination, our truth. Does that mean I don’t love yours or anyone else’s? No. But to try and take that away from me (or you) is what continues to perpetuate the self loathing this girl was certain we were reinforcing by declaring love/value/appreciation for our own.

Last night a friend of mine stayed with me. He was too tired to drive and we fell asleep together (minds out of the gutter please, ahem). At one point during the night, the light from my window caught my attention of our two bodies laying close; different shades, different shapes, different people.  Both black, and both appreciative for the other for different reasons– all of them stemming from knowing the value we hold.

And that I will never be ashamed of.

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The Busine$$ of the womb.

Posted by humphreysworld on February 2, 2012

I’m not sure if the Susan G Komen Foundation expected the shit storm that came their way after it was announced that they were going to pull funding from Planned Parenthood. Unfortunately for them putting women’s lives at risk for a political agenda is not something many people would take lightly. The minute the story broke, Twitter was abuzz with the story and many people- men and women- were posting their outrage to their Twitter feed. It was everywhere…. only Komen was not.

I guess they were asking themselves the same question we are were all asking- is there a defense to jeopardizing women’s lives?

The answer is of course no. But when it comes to women, women’s health, women’s wombs, the debate never seems to end. My hoo ha and millions of hoo has all over the country have been a pawn in the game of politics for decades. And what makes this latest move even more troubling is that the money that Komen pulled from Planned Parenthood was used for breast cancer screenings.

That’s right, no abortions, no birth control, no condoms. Just good old life saving cancer screening.

Thanks to the religious right who has held a candle for my womb for the past three decades, most people hear the word Planned Parenthood and they think abortion. But I’ve got news for you- 97% of what Planned Parenthood provides is healthcare services. Pap smears, birth control, flu shots, education and yes, cancer screening. You know how I know? Because I used to work for Planned Parenthood. I worked in an area that was mostly lower and middle class, where syphilus, clamydia, and teen pregnancy went head to head as the highest in the state. I saw men and women come through our doors looking for services, looking for information, looking for help. There is no doubt in my mind that were it not for Planned Parenthood many of these people would simply not be able to seek services. Sound like a game to you?

I didn’t think so. But let’s be honest with each other; this isn’t the first game that Komen has played.

It all comes down to money doesn’t it? Komen has sold its soul in exchange for cash many times in the past, including slapping their co-opted pink ribbon onto buckets of disgusting, greasy, artery clogging KFC chicken. And appease the right and ensure their budget line stays in the millions they have said to all the women who seek breast cancer screenings at Planned Parenthood sorry, but the mighty dollar is more important than the women we claim we’re in the business to save.

In the 24 hours since the story broke, Planned Parenthood raised $400k in response to the decision, at least 5 groups have been involved in getting in hundreds of thousands of petition signatures into Komen expressing their outrage over their political gamble, and most importantly, it brought back to the forefront the debate of our wombs.

Politics is personal, and if this isn’t proof enough for you, just take a look at the food you eat, the toys your children play with, the amount you pay for your health insurance and medication- the list goes on.

Whether or not Komen will decide to reverse the decision they have made or move forward in a show of blatant disregard for public opinion is unclear. What is clear however is the power of the people to drive this debate. It’s time to hold any member of Congress on a womb hunt accountable, donate to organizations who really are doing their part for breast cancer– just start a conversation with a friend- whatever it takes to keep the issue alive. Because the war on women’s lives is happening, and the gamble is going cost women dearly.

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What’s next for Occupy

Posted by humphreysworld on January 17, 2012

this is what democracy looks like.I spent most of the day Occupying Congress. People from all over the country came to D.C. with a message for Congress: we’re tired of the bullshit. It was a great showing from all walks of life, cats (no joke), dogs, young and old, black and white. All standing for a mostly common purpose- to end the corruption within the halls of Congress, put an end to corporate greed and get America back on track.

There’s no question the Occupy movement has helped shine a light on an epidemic of corruption that’s been going on for far too long- and it’s about fuckin time if you ask me. And yet there’s a piece of the puzzle that the movement hasn’t been– and must– talk about.

The 2012 election.

Don’t choke on your water just yet, hear me out. It would be a ridiculous fantasy to assume that the halls of Congress and government as we know it will collapse any time soon. There is no country in the world without a governing body, and as powerful as this movement is, we aren’t going to be able to dismantle a government. At least not over night.

What we can do however, is clean it up and clean it out.

How? That answer is going to be different for everybody, but it starts by removing our Members of Congress from office and electing people who are capable of actually performing the duties of public service. Democrat and Republican alike, they need to go. I know you may be thinking I’m full of shit or supporting a body that is about as functional as a car with square wheels. But don’t misread my intentions. Congress is supposed to represent the people- you and I. Right now they aren’t doing that. So it’s time to elect someone who will. Because the fact is that, until those people are out of office, they will continue to push bullshit bills like SOPA, fight cleaning up dirty coal plants, threaten women’s reproductive health choices and so much more.

They HAVE to go.

President Obama is by no means perfect. He’s made some decisions I cannot support. But if we supported the man blindly without question he could get away with anything- that’s how Congress has been able to do it haven’t they? It’s our duty as citizens of this earth to question elected officials. It’s also our duty to get them the fuck out if they step out of line. And if the 535 members of Congress were actually interested in doing the public’s bidding rather than the corporations of this country, President Obama wouldn’t have had to make the choices he’s been forced to do.

Is voting the solution? Maybe, maybe not. But removing them from power is one step towards ending corruption in Congress. If we want to occupy everything we need to look at the halls of Congress as well. Power corrupts, but only if you are for sale.

Take to the streets, take to city hall to file your candidacy papers and yes, take to the ballot box. It’s our time to take back our country, it needs us now more than ever.

Join me, won’t you?

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The tide.

Posted by humphreysworld on November 11, 2011

There’s a new energy in the air. It’ hasn’t quite amassed its true power, but there is a change in the air. And it’s about fuckin’ time. I’ve known for some time now that this country is way off course. For too long, we have stood by while Congress, banks and corporations rob us of our wealth and attempt to extinguish our rights. This is a system that was orchestrated back in the 70s, but in the last 10 years it has really pushed America, its resources and it’s people to the limit. With dire consequences, and consequences that are being felt all over the world.

Ask me three months ago what I thought, and I would’ve said I thought we were up shit creek without a made in China paddle. But now I have a renewed faith. That faith is because of the Occupy movement. What started out as a protest in Kuala Lumpur has turned into a movement that has spread to more than 82 countries and 600 communities. The media didn’t not take it seriously; in fact, I’m not sure if anyone did. But then the message began to resonate. People began to ask themselves: why their dollar wasn’t worth a dime anymore? Why are people continuing to be kicked out of their homes while the banks keep raising fees and getting richer off our coins? Why is the 1% of this country the only ones who seem to be living the American dream?

The answer to that can be found in the halls of Congress. 535 members and most of them have sold their soul to the Koch Brothers, Chase, Bank of America & the rest of corporate America. It is those public servants who are supposed to serve the PEOPLE, elected to represent the PEOPLE, who have sold our future down the shitter. And the sad truth is that these days you can hardly tell the difference between one party and the other when it comes to the damage they’ve done to this country. Don’t get me wrong, there is no question that in theory, Democrats are the party that supports a woman’s right to choose, clean energy, education, etc. etc. But in practice it’s a lot different. If you need evidence of that all you have to do is look back between 2009-2011 when they controlled the House, Senate and White House and yet there was no movement to address climate change, one of the biggest threats to our future and one of the biggest sources of corporate corruption. In addition to that, the deregulation of banks, the food industry, telecom, etc. was not orchestrated without both parties turning a blind eye.

During the 8 years (half of which were not legal) of the Bush administration, they did everything in their power to further bolster a system that favored corporations and throw America’s future under the bus by causing one of the biggest collapses of the American economy which began with the housing market bust* and continued with banks (including retirement money) and the auto industry. People lost their jobs and when they went to seek another they found that, if the jobs hadn’t been shipped off to other countries (yup, under both parties watch), that companies who also had investments in the market and business owners who lost everything couldn’t hire.

And the economy has been chugging along on 1/4 tank of gas ever since.

But then, something happened and America woke up and took to the streets. It has continued to grow and the message is sinking in. The media has attempted to classify this as a movement of violent, jobless hippies with nothing else to do who are clueless about how the economy works. But I’ve got news for you, nothing could be further from the truth. There are working people out there doing their best to fight for their country. To fight for what’s right, to fight for what belongs to them: the American dream.

Better late than never.

The occupy movement will continue to grow. Because at some point when you have pushed people to their limit you can’t expect them not to fight back. They have pulled their money out of the banks who have been robbing them blind, they have continued to make their presence known on wall street, main street and everywhere in between. The next step is the voting booth. I know it sounds like bullshit when you think of the dysfunction of the political system but it’s true. Every time someone says to me that voting doesn’t matter I want you to ask yourself where your money went, why you are buying tainted vegetables, why the garbage is piling up in your local park, why your credit card companies keep raising your interest rate and lowering your limit– and then ask yourself that question again. Power has corrupted the majority of Congress and if we want our leaders to act on behalf of the PEOPLE as opposed to corporations, they need to know that their actions have consequences. And perhaps a bout of unemployment would let them get a real sense of what damn near each and every one of us has felt or is feeling.

The tide is changing my friends, jump on in and take a swim.

*If you still don’t get what this movement is about, watch this video about a real American, one of millions in the same boat, feeling the squeeze of the failing economy at the hands of banks like the one she’s dealing with. Perhaps you’ll think differently.

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Posted by humphreysworld on October 8, 2011

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have some of the most incredible women in my life. They are artists, writers, cooks, musicians, business owners, designers- I am often in awe as to what my friends have accomplished in their lives. And yet, for some of them (us), there is a piece missing. It seems as though they (we) are willing to do whatever to get it- even if it means compromising them(our)selves.

I’m talking of course about relationships.

I would like to say I can’t relate, but that would be a boldface lie. There have been a few times in my life that I took more bullshit than I should have/would have, turned  a blind eye when things were so blatantly out of place, sacrificed more of myself than my partner was ever willing to do- with each experience ending with disastrous results.  I made a number of excuses for my behavior to myself and to my friends, not willing to accept the truth that confronted me every time I was stood up, lied to, made to be the fool. The fact was that I wondered whether or not I would end up alone. And I told myself that if I bent over enough, I would be able to convince this person that I was in fact worthy of their attention and love. Needless to say there were no happy endings to come from an existence like that.

I often wonder if men go through these same conversations with themselves. Do they feel a level of insecurity when it comes to relationships that makes them act out of character for love that may not be worth it? Do men feel a sense of urgency as time goes on that they may end up alone like some women do? I look at the women in my life, as well as my own experience, and it seems as though women seem to be the only ones making the sacrifices.

I am so grateful that I came out a survivor on the other side of those relationships. Because I am stronger and wiser because of it. More importantly, I have learned once again to love myself and recognize my worth, thereby truly being open to giving and receiving love. No longer will I spend energy trying to convince someone that I am worth their time, energy and love. I know I am. But it’s a fine rope I walk, because I’m in a place in my life where I want to shift my priorities from career to family. As I get older and prince charming hasn’t surfaced, it’s easy to let the old habits sneak in. I often wonder of some of my girlfriends are walking that same fine line.

The late Johnny Cochran once said. ‘if it doesn’t fit, you must acquit’. I like to use this term a lot for just about anything, including relationships. I’ve learned a long time ago that forcing something to be just because you think it should doesn’t make it right; no matter how hard you try it doesn’t fit. Relationships are a balance of give and take, no question. And it’s in the nature of some (myself included) to sometimes give more. But when you seem to be the only one giving, the only one giving up, the only one giving in, it seems like it might be a good time to to take your ball and go home. It can be a weird feeling to be alone, particularly when society places more value on you when you are not. And women tend to place value on ourselves based on the very same criteria (been there, done that). But some quality alone time with yourself can be refreshing, enlightening, and life saving- an experiment worth trying if you ask me.

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Liberty & Injustice for all.

Posted by humphreysworld on September 20, 2011

Troy Davis has refused a last meal before his execution, convinced that in the 9th hour his life will be spared. Because that’s the way the justice system is supposed to work right? Innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately if you are African American the system has a different set of rules.

Which is why Troy Davis will be executed tomorrow.

There is something inherently wrong in our country. Our priorities are all backwards. Just a few weeks ago, more than 1000 people, some of who I know, were arrested for protesting against the tar sands pipeline. They were willing to be handcuffed and processed in protest of the destruction of the environment and yet there is not that same outrage for a man who is about to be put to death. Well, not from everyone. Where is the outrage among the masses? A man is going to be put to death for a crime he may not have committed. But our thirst for blood, for revenge; an eye for an eye as they old saying goes-, is that supposed to bring Mark MacPhail back?

It doesn’t. And as much as his wife wants to see ‘justice done’ (her words, NOT mine), putting a man to death for something he may not have done is heinous and appalling. And quite one-sided. As the social media universe was blowing up with outrage urging followers and friends to write letters, sign petitions, and flood the state of Georgia with calls to voice opposition, news broke that a man named Cleve Foster, a white man accused of rape and murder was saved at the last minute from execution. Rape and murder. Troy was accused of murdering a white man and his clemency was denied, and yet Cleve, who raped and murdered a Sudanese (translation- black) woman is spared his life? Does anyone see anything wrong with this scenario?

This is not a black thing. EVERYONE should be enraged. How have we come to take so numb when it comes to violence & death? Janet Jackson’s titty pops out on t.v. and the country shits itself, but violence perpetrated on television- including what our kids are watching- is socially accepted. I can’t understand how our thirst for blood can be at such a fevered pitch that more people aren’t taking to the streets, the halls of Congress and the polls to put a stop to it. This case, and many others that will follow (Troy is NOT the first black man wrongly accused and put behind bars or death and he will NOT be the last) is about more than crime and the criminal justice system. It is about systematic/systemic oppression of the other. And while those scales are tipped disproportionately out of our favor, it affects all who fall under the category of other.  Society as a whole needs to be outraged when the justice system fails. Because some day it could fail anyone of you.

Troy Davis has done some shit in his lifetime. Including the night Mark MacPhail was killed. Was murder one of those things? Who knows, although it doesn’t appear that way. And if we don’t know, how can we plow ahead with his execution?

With liberty and justice for all, isn’t that how it goes? It’s time we start living up to that oath America.

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10 years later.

Posted by humphreysworld on September 11, 2011

It was 3:54am in the morning of September 11, 2001 when my phone rang. My friend Jaclyn who was in Wisconsin woke me with some alarming news. ‘Something is happening in New York, I think a bomb went off’. Just two weeks prior to this, she and I were working together in Washington, DC and so even though we were good friends, I thought the call was out of character. After a minute of laying there I thought I’d better get up to see what was happening.

Nothing could prepare me for what I saw next. Or the impact these events would have on the world.

America was under attack (and in many ways still is). The images from this day are forever etched into my mind. I will never forget how I felt when, watching the news unfold about the first building, I watched another plane hit the second tower. I will never forget the acts of desperation as people jumped from nearly 100 stories up to their death, undoubtedly coming to the conclusion that their last minutes on earth were better spent flying free through the air than burning a slow death. I will never forget watching the towers come down. I will never forget wondering if my old roommate, who worked at the Pentagon, was there when the plane hit. I will never forget the feeling of helplessness, terror, disbelief, grief, and sadness for the lives that were lost and the ones that were forever changed at 8:46 that morning.

I’m not sure anyone will ever forget.


I wrote this post a few times before omitting most of what I wanted to say. There is so much about our world that has changed because of what happened that day, and most of it has not been good. Living in the Washington, D.C. area I will admit that I live with a sense of fear that prior to that day, was never my reality. I sit here at home instead of out with friends because of this fear. But today I have decided to put my politics and beliefs aside. Not because I don’t believe it matters, but because the people who have died as a result of the days’ events and subsequent wars afterwards played no role in the events that led up to 9/11 and everything happened afterwards. Instead I will choose to use this space to say a prayer to the families transformed by that day, to think of my good friend and her family who lost her brother/son in Iraq, a war we wouldn’t be in had it not been for 9/11. And I would like to give thanks for my health and friends and family who I am so grateful to have in my life.

The events that day changed each of us in a profound way, good or bad. It’s important to remember and mourn, and even more important to listen. It’s my personal belief that there’s not enough of that these days; perhaps if we did maybe our world would look a little different. If you have thoughts, comments, quotes, etc. you would like to share please comment on this post.

xoxo, Dionna

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